Electgon started with the intention of providing knowledge and tools for electronics engineers and entities as a trial of enriching this field. Currently there are two main sections in Electgon; Provision section which provides some tools or design outputs that can be reused by electronics engineers; Publications section which provides several tutorials in different domains in the electronics field.


This section provides designs that can be reused with people interested in electronics field. Currently the following tools/designs are available:

  • tclpot: one utility for wrapping TCL scripts within C language.
  • crc4hdl: one tool for generating CRC function to be used in HDL designs.


Electgon believes in importance of knowledge and learning. In this publications platform Electgon tries to share Knowledge needed in Electronics field either by revising the theory or providing tutorials for practice.

The top menu shows main sections that we can discuss (Analog World, Digital World, Embedded Systems, …). In each section, you can find topics related to each world:

Analog World contains topics related to analog design field. Currently there are topics about
ADC theory
Comparator design used in ADCs
MOSFET Symbols in Circuits
Digital World contains topics related to digital design field. Currently there are topics about
Definiton of Noise Margin
Audio Compression
Theory of MP3 FormatCRC Hardware
How to compile Xilinx Libraries for Questa/ModelSim
Writing and Adding Verification Plan in Mentor Graphics Questa
VHDL/Verilog Code Visualization
CRC in Ethernet
CRC Hardware
Embedded World contains different topics related to embedded systems, realtime linux, etc. Currently there are topics about
Introduction to ARM processors
Emulate Raspbian in QEMU
How to emulate Ubuntu Snappy in QEMU before implementation as a realtime linux
Ubuntu LTS Emulation for Raspberry
Raspberry Pi – Hardware View
Raspberry Pi – Software View
Raspberry Pi – Realtime Patch
Raspberry Pi – SPI Setting
Realtime Linux
How to change priorities of threads in linux
Summary of the C programming language
Telecommunications provides overview of electronic telecommunication systems (of small scale level) and main specifications of each system. Currently there are topics about
Overview of Telecommunication Science
Human Auditory System
Ethernet Protocol
MAC Address Format
Tools: different and common tools are listed here as a walkthrough on how to use these tools. Currently there are tutorials about
Version Management Tools
Basic Git Commands
Basic Hg Commands
Trac Setup for Project Management
Network Settings in SUSE
GNU Plot
TCL Wrapping Using C
Writing IEEE Paper in Lyx
Create GUI for Python


Hope you find something useful here. Enjoy !

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