Theory of MP3 Format

Smart systems are exploited in home applications, industry and huge manufacturing sectors. These smart systems rely to high extend on information exchange that is carried out using processing systems for analog and digital signal. Audio streams are part of this exchanged information. MP3 format is serving as best and most common format for these audio streams. In this document important introduction about MP3 format is demonstrated to understand how this format works with high efficiency that made it most common format for three decades so far. Scrol down below, or simply download it as PDF.


1- Introduction
2- General Specifications
    2.1- Operating mode 
    2.2- Sampling frequency
    2.3- Bit‐rate
    2.4- Encoding Process
3- Analysis Filter Bank
4- MDCT Functions
    4.1- Antialiasing
    4.2- Window Switching
5- Scalefactors Bands
6- Reordering
7- Bit Allocation
8- Huffman Encoding
9- Frame Packing