Verification Plan in Questa

Test Plan for verification engineers is the guide or the metric which is used to measure results of coverage and other verification activities. Questa as a verification tool has its own procedure in order to enables verification engineers to check if their verification plan is met or not. In this document we will see steps that can be followed in order to use Questa to apply your verification plan.

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1 - What is a Verification Plan
      1.1 Procedures to Add Verification Plan in Questa
2 - Step 1: Write Verification Plan
      2.1 Fields in the Verification Plan
      2.2 Summary of Verification Plan Fields
      2.3 Identifying Full Path of a Target
      2.4 Testplan Sample
3 - Step 2: Export the Plan to XML
4 - Step 3: Import XML plan into Verification Environment 
5 - Step 4: Merge Imported Plan with Simulation Data