Realtime Linux

This guide is illustrating practical steps for building and evaluation of Linux based Realtime Operating System. It is discussing only installation procedure and how to measure performance of the built system.
At beginning, basic kernel configuration for Realtime response is shown then Linux Preempt_RT patch and also RTAI are implemented and explained here. Thus, you will find three possibilities for having Realtime system based on Linux.

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1 Introduction
2 Kernel Development
3 Kernel Image Management
        3.1 64‐bit kernel
        3.2 General setup
        3.3 Enable loadable module support
        3.4 Enable the block layer
        3.5 Processor type and features
        3.6 Power management and ACPI options
        3.7 Bus options (PCI etc)
        3.8 Executable file formats / Emulations
        3.9 Networking support
        3.10 Device Drivers
        3.11 Others
4 Building RTAI
5 Building PREEMPT_RT
6 How to remove un‐needed kernel
7 RTOS Evaluation
        7.1 Test Tools
        7.2 Cyclictest
        7.3 LTP (Linux Test Project)
8 RTOS Test Execution
        8.1 Test Methodology
        8.2 Test Cases