Ethernet Protocol

Digital Data transmission is standardized and practically used in networks communications according to OSI layers model. This means that data shall be processed according to specifications of that standard in order to comply with this efficient OSI model. A basic protocol that is used almost in all network transmissions is the Ethernet protocol which will be discussed in this document along with its main features.


1 Ethernet Data Link Layer
2 Reconciliation Sublayer 
3 Media Independent Interface
     3.1 RGMII In Scope 
4 Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS)
5 Physical Medium Attachment (PMA)
6 Communication Medium 
     6.1 Twisted Pair Cabling
     6.2 Fiber Cabling 
          6.2.1 Single‐Mode Fiber Variants
          6.2.2 Multimode Fiber Variants
     6.3 Twinax Copper Cable 
7 Medium Dependent Interface (MDI)
8 Autonegotiation